How to pay proper attention to the maintenance aspect of the lightning systems?

How to pay proper attention to the maintenance aspect of the lightning systems?

May 24, 2021 0 By ajit

 Whenever any of the organisations will go with the option of availing the advantages of lightning protection systems by adequately implementing them then they have to pay proper attention to the maintenance aspect as well. Every lightning conductor and the rod has to undergo a specific kind of inspection and maintenance as decided and indicated by the national as well as international standards by the concerned professional people so that optimum performance can be easily enjoyed. These kinds of periodic inspections of the lightning rod will allow the people to detect the deviation from the reference standards or abnormalities perfectly and make sure that installation has been adequately carried out with the help of the right kind of environmental conditions and there is no issue like corrosion, incorrect handling, robberies or several kinds of issues. 

Conducting a thorough inspection of the lightning protection system should be a part of the maintenance routine of the buildings as well as annual action plans which is the main reason that this is a very important aspect to be taken into consideration. 

 Why the maintenance of lightning rods is very much important? 

Every lightning protection system should have comprehensive routine maintenance and monitoring checking out programme because if the rods will not be maintained properly then the risk of the lightning strike will be significantly higher because it will never be dispersed in the safest possible manner. Hence, different elements of the lightning protection system can deteriorate over time and can lead to reduced safety levels of the system if not maintained properly. Hence, every component of the whole system should work adequately and properly to ensure that protection has been given a great boost. 

  1. The air terminals of the lightning rods must always work correctly to ensure that everything is fully operational to maintain the element of the whole thing so that the right kind of measurements are perfectly carried out without any kind of issue.
  2. It is important to ensure that down conductor are very much good in terms of maintaining the quantity at every time so that there is no issue and sparks, as well as breakage, is very easily avoided in the whole process.
  3. It is very important to have the ground resistance up to the best possible levels so that lightning current dissipates very quickly and return contracts are minimised which will help in keeping the voltages under control which could otherwise be very much dangerous for the people.

The procedure of carrying out the lightning rod maintenance will include two types of verifications and those verifications are explained as follows: 

  • The visual inspection and verification: 

 For this particular purpose, the organisations and the concerned people have to go through the inspection to ensure proper maintenance and for this purpose, there has to be check that there is no damage in the lightning strikes system, a lightning rod is in very good condition, continuity of the conductors present, every fixing is in very good condition, there is no damage to any part because of corrosion and the state of equal potential bonding is very much correct. 

  • The complete verification and inspection:

This particular type of component will include the verification associated with visual inspections as described above along with different kinds of measures. It will make sure that everything has to be verified in terms of electrical continuity of the down conductors and the correcting performance of the lightning rod according to the specifications indicated by the manufacturer. The correct operation of the air terminal has also to be checked in this particular area to ensure that the highest point of structure will be taken into an advantage and everything will be perfectly utilised. So, it is very much important for the people to assess the air terminals to ensure top-notch quality performance all the time with the help of the right kind of inspections. To further make sure that maintenance aspect has been easily carried out the organisations need to depend upon the professionals in this particular area so that there is no need of physically assessing the air terminals because if everything will be carried out and professionally then it can lead to different kinds of issues in the long run. So, checking out the things after regular intervals of time is very much important so that there is no issue in the long run. Regarding the earthing systems, it is important to measure the resistance of the earth because it is the only thing that can vary with earthing. It is recommended to check the earthing systems annually and for this purpose, there are different kinds of regulations in two different kinds of countries. Checking out the conductors and several other kinds of things is another very important thing to be taken into consideration at the time of checking out the earthing systems perfectly. After getting out the above-mentioned inspections and verifications different kinds of abnormalities will be detected in the whole process which is the main reason that organisations need to repair and carry out the necessary corrective measures in the whole process so that the shortest possible time is there and everything is directly leading to the optimum protection in the whole process. 

 In the whole periodic inspection including both visual and complete, it is very much important for the people in charge to carry out the process with different kinds of proofs and photographs so that a comprehensive report can be prepared which will be presented against the authorities who will be making the right kind of decisions associated with the whole process. The report should always include adequate data along with photographs of the areas so that everything has been perfectly visible and the concerned people can take the right kind of necessary actions. Hence, at the time of checking out the lightning design system, it is very much important for the concerned people to carry out the maintenance aspect at least once a year and the visual inspection should be carried out after few months and at regular intervals. Hence, to give safety a great boost people need to follow the above-mentioned pieces of advice.