A Handy Guide To Fix Epson Printer Error 0xEA and 0x97

May 26, 2021 0 By ajit

Printer errors and error codes are inevitable. If you have an Epson Printer and encounter issues like Epson Printer error 0xEA and error 0x97, it can be extremely frustrating. Occurrence of such error codes can be a result of multiple factors such as internal hardware problem of the printer, paper jams, low ink levels, clogged printhead, and many more. You can simply follow some troubleshooting techniques to get rid of the issues and ensure continued printing from the machine. Read on to explore them and eliminate the requirement to look for a printer technician.

Why Does Epson Printer Error 0xEA and 0x97 Occur?

The occurrence of epson.com error code 0x97 is usually a result of an internal hardware issue of the printer. A motherboard malfunction can be another cause of the issue. If you encounter the Epson Printer error 0xEA, it means that there are connectivity issues or a paper is jammed inside your printer. Once you identify the root cause of an error, it becomes easier for you to troubleshoot the issue and ensure continued working of your printer.

Tips and Tricks to Resolve Error 0xEA and 0x97

Now that you have understood why Epson Printer errors 0xEA and 0x97 occur, read on to explore the various ways of troubleshooting the issue. Here’s a look at each of them:

  1. Restart the printer by disconnecting the power adapter from the electric socket and then reconnecting it after two minutes.
  2. Update the printer driver.
  3. Clean the printhead. Use a cloth soaked with lukewarm water to clean the printhead.
  4. Ensure that the ink levels are sufficient. Open the printer access door and locate the ink cartridge. Press the clips attached to the either side of the cartridge until you hear a click.
  5. Remove the ink cartridge to check for the required ink levels.
  6. In case you see that the Epson Printer in an error state, check if all the cables are properly connected and that the printer is in active state.
  7. Ensure that the printer is connected either via WiFi or with a wire such as USB.

Follow the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods the exact way to resolve Epson Printer error codes 0xEA and 0x97. These techniques can save you a lot of time and effort which otherwise you’d have spent on looking for a printer technician. You can also refer to the user manual that comes along with the printer package. It will give you an overview of the printer’s functioning and will help you deal with the printer errors.