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For example, you might propose an independent study with your adviser or another faculty member in which you find, read, and critique a body of previous scholarship related to your thesis topic. To submit the thesis to Gallatin and to the thesis committee, students should use the online. Students should plan ahead to ensure that they are able to meet the thesis defense deadline for the semester in which they plan to graduate ( see below for deadlines and dates ). Students who are interested in seeing sample theses may want to take a look at the following theses, which are available in the archive. Helen Warwick, Institutionalizing Ephemeral Art: Investigating the Collection and Preservation of Transient Performative Gestures. What theories (if appropriate) will you use? Scheduling the Defense, after the thesis has been submitted to Gallatin and to the thesis committee, the student should set a date and time for the defense and register this information with Gallatin at least three weeks prior to the defense. Thesis Defense Registration form, which must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the defense. That is, students must be registered for Masters Thesis and Defense (for students who started in Spring 2013 or earlier) or Master's Thesis II (for students who started in Summer 2013 or later). The final proposal should be 2-3 pages in length and should include a preliminary bibliography.

The proposal should clearly state your topic, delineate your research question(s discuss the motivations behind your topic, and describe your material and the methodology that you will be relying on in your thesis. Background: What do we need to know to understand your aim or question? Thesis submission deadline to adviser Thesis submission deadline to Gallatin and to second and third readers Thesis defense registration deadline Term in which the student plans to complete the thesis Final date to defend the thesis 10 weeks prior to the defense date 4 weeks. In addition to the date and time of the defense, the student should provide on the form the names of the committee members and their email addresses. If the academic adviser is a full-time Gallatin faculty member, the student may opt to ask two other non-Gallatin faculty members to serve on the committee. Students should consult with all three panelists regarding the dates and times when they are available. Will you be conducting interviews? Rachael Sharp, Cultivating Social Imagination: An Arts-Based Intergroup Dialogue on Race. Instead of a large range of artifacts, subjects, or primary sources, can I choose one area, category, or one major source? Students who have passed the defense and have met all other degree requirements will be eligible for graduation. The defense will, of course, be contingent upon final approval of the thesis itself by all three committee members. Program directors are also available to help students with this process.