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Immediately after, the author switches to explaining about the Garo tribe in North East India and provides the historical background, present status and study area profile of the same. Annual Review, Sociology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Thus, planned State intervention to ensure fair access and participation in social and economic development in the country is necessary. Today when the governments of the. The vulnerability among the elderly is not only due to an increased incidence of illness and disability, but also due to their economic dependency upon their spouses, children and other younger family members. Basically these tribes love to be with nature, isolated themselves from the crowd and prefer to be autonomous. Physical segregation of their settlements is common in the villages forcing them to live in the most unhygienic and inhabitable conditions. There are interstate and interregional differences in the disabled population. Through out the novel the marginalization of women is significantly shown. One can also add to this various minorities, as well as women Within the First World, low-income drug addicts stand out as being the most marginalized.

Among the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes the most vulnerable are women, children, aged, those living with HIV/aids, mental illness and disability. According to Sarah Lynch and Kim Palmer of m, Rob Portman became the most notable Republican senator to support gay rights by reversing his opposition to same sex marriage in 2013. The main approach in this strategy is reducing injury and falls from recognizing and removing environmental hazards. In distributing Fair Price Shops in villages, priority should be given to the SC/ST female and male groups, as a number of studies have pointed out that they are discriminated upon in the Public Distribution System and in Mid-day Meal schemes.

They are mainly landless with little control over resources such as land, forest and water. It seems that Americas population has forgotten that with luck, some day we will all become older. Garos also form minority in Cooch, Behar, Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling and Dinajpur of West Bengal.

Furthermore, one of the most dangerous consequences of illegal immigration is an increase of the crime level. I am sure that if one of the sixteen North Carolina judges were to discover that his or her child was gay, him/her would take the same stance Portman took. There are high rates of malnutrition reported among the marginalized groups resulting in mortality, morbidity and anemia. While these medical personnel are reluctant to report abuse, there are approximately 2,000 reported deaths in children due to abuse each year. Lack of civic amenities in the school building (Class rooms, drinking water) The striking feature is the school timing only 3 hours.e. Thus, marginalization is a complex as well as shifting phenomenon linked to social status. The widowers among older men form.9 per cent as against.1 per cent widows among elderly women. Peter Leonard defines marginality. Various marginalized groups AND their problems. Culturally, all the young boys and girls must stays in the bachelor dormitories to learn the tricks of Grihast Ashrama, above all not only they have a tradition of selecting their life partners and later they inform their respective parents about their love affairs.

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