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of literary effects such as these that Catullus manages to express the almost inexpressible nuance of his emotion. However, Catulluss uses and expressions of the literary conventions are distinctly his own. The above preview is unformatted text. We are simply told, odysseus suffering essay in each, that there is an ugly girl in whom he is not interested: there is not intended to be the nuance and comedy value that poem 42 contains. m, ml (accessed October 11, 2018). The most prominent among them adopted different aspects of Catulluss model.

Catullus, like Sappho and Callimachus, avoided the traditional epic treatment of war and military conquest, heroes and gods. Of Catulluss poems, the Lesbia poems are the most memorable, particularly as they contain such a wide range of feelings and emotions.

His skilled use of Roman vocabulary and rhythms of speech are set against the classical Greek meters to produce a markedly original, Roman literature. The final phrase of this poem quod amantem iniuria talis cogit amare magis, sed bene velle minus, is clear and logical, given Catulluss. What can be said with certainty is that much of the value in his poems lies in the authenticity with which they portray emotions. Catulluss influence can be seen during the Renaissance and beyond through the work of Ben Jonson, Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare, Alfred, Lord essay on school elections Tennyson, and Lord Byron. Earlier "Lesbia poems" had shown Catullus' simple and insatiable love for "my girl"1 in very romantic language: for example, the lines describing the number of times he wished that they could kiss, in poem 5, which caused Aurelius and Furius to describe Catullus. Poem xlii This poem is perhaps most interesting because it in itself can be seen as an imitation of the Roman practice of flagitatio10, which was a form of popular justice involving a crowd surrounding the man suspected of wrongdoing (or his house) whilst shouting.