thesis statements about littering

pro and against drinking of coffee. The exhibit places litter under museum lights so that people will look at it, talk about it, think about where it came from, and ultimately change their behavior. Now that you have thought ahead about your evidence, can you refine your thesis statement to focus on a particular problem and context? Entertainment / News ways we get informed. Lastly, but most obviously, litter makes an area look bad. Feel better after having clean house). If you are a teenager or young adult you probably have had or have a messy room. Will they throw them on the ground? 14, guided Practice There is a problem with bullying in our school.

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thesis statements about littering

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However, when the trash is all over the streets, city workers have to spend all day collecting it piece by piece in order to get it to the dump. You see your own products. Motorists throw slideroom essay number of word their trash out of their windows. Clearly, the city should solve its littering problem if it wants to have more money. Pick up litter you see, throw you trash away!

All formal papers and essays have a point. Give yourself one point for each sub point that meets the criteria. Littering can also lead to more crime. So show more content, actions -.