have someone write your business plan

task are not related to what you normally get by having an outsider. If your business plan involves new or complicated technology, unusual or multiple revenue streams, or requires significant investment capital, you should expect fees at the higher end of this scale. Do you need to obtain bank financing or other investment capital to start the business? Find someone with useful industry experience. Otherwise youll just end up with a very expensive paperweight. This is a case where you need one executive chef, but too many cooks spoil the broth.

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Youve decided you need a business plan, but youve been struggling so much with it that youre ready to drop the whole thing. For instance, suppose you have a strong background in sales and technology, but have little expertise in marketing and finance. I had to explain this how to describe weight in essays earlier this month, in response to a question on m: How do I make an impressive business plan? How serious are you about the business? But these are not the all-important factors. This is an area fraught with peril because you generally get only one shot when it comes to investors. Before you go for outside help, focus on the business purpose. As with a lot of business tasks, maybe a coach can help, somebody to look over your shoulders, particularly on the financial projections. If they dont like what they see the first time, they usually move on to the next opportunity.