what if i use damn in a essay

me to be positive How'm I supposed to be positive when I don't see shit positive? Then this boss wonders why I'm smartin' off. Oddly enough, Ive never heard anybody say Durnit! Tired of having skinny friends hooked on crack and mini-thins. But they're really your enemies, with secret identities. Tired of never having any ends. By, marisa Donnelly, January 30th 2018, report This Article, what is the issue?

What if i use damn in a essay
what if i use damn in a essay

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Tired of drowning in my sorrow. Money is what makes a man act funny. Tired of having to work as a gas station clerk. Tired of having to deal with the bullshit without grabbing the steel. I hope I dont need to find out. I'm tired of committing so many sins.

Or Goshdurnit or Guldernit. . If I had a magic wand, I'd make the world suck my dick. Tired of taking pop bottles back to the party store.