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young in its life. However the evidence shows he seems to be careless about it prod them to drown and sluice them out on the dunghill. Therefore as he grew up and got older, he just had to accept that violences even though he didnt like it and he used to be very frightened and horrified seeing all that cruelty to animals as he says suddenly frightened when he describes the. He has described his heart very happy and cheerful as he says his heart dances with the daffodils. The use of adjectives, sarcasm and comparisons within the poem creates the mood for the story they are telling.

Then he goes home, lies on his couch and remembers all those dancing and happy daffodils, therefore he feels happy again, although he cannot see them but they exist in his mind. The first poem called The Early Purges is about the childhood of Seamus Heaney the poet.

Through this, the development of his maturity, changing attitudes.
Free Essay: If asked how one feels about animals, most people wouldnt have a definite feeling one way or another.
However, when an animal starts invading.
In the poems, Woodchucks by Maxine Kumin, and The Early Purges by Seamus Heaney, two drastic examples of killing an animal.
There were purges as early as 1928 where engineers, industrialists, farmers and state farm officials who were put on a public show trial and they were either executed or sent to prison.

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In the poem Woodchucks, the audience sees the poem through the eyes of the killer as the events are occurring. As the poem continues he is now an adult, and from having experienced all these punishments he has now learned to push his feelings aside this is seen when he says, And now, when shrill pups are prodded to drown I just shrug, Bloody pups. Heaneys life was full of stress and his environment was full of agitations and disturbance. He describes himself as frightened and sad as he saw them dieing. It says pitched them, and this tells us that Dan Taggart was none too gentle with the kittens and that he had seen it happening to the animals, too many times to feel sorry for them. The poet is using a metaphor in here. This stanza tells us that he sees animals give birth and die. Even though she was able to create an airtight seal on both exits of the underground tunnels, the gas was ineffective because the woodchucks had a sub-sub basement out of range (Line 6). The first stanza sets the story by saying, Gassing the woodchucks didnt turn out right (Line 1). The poet was very young when he saw the killing and trapping and shooting to innocent animals. He thinks the daffodils are happy as he says, sparkling waves in glee, which means the daffodils made sparkling waves as the wind were blowing in them with joy.