popularity of fast food restaurants essay

many people. Obviously, fast food is an indispensable part of our lives today, and writing essay about the fast food economy may be a necessity for you at any course, be it Marketing, Medicine, or any other discipline. The fast food restaurants have become their best option at the time to take a breakfast or lunch. There is an increasing number of obese people in America with more than half of the entire adult population classifying as clinically obese.

The total annual sales from service restaurants match those from the fast food historical background of an essay restaurants despite the fact that the meals in service restaurants are expensive and they have more seating capacity (Schlosser, 16). There are many reasons for the popularity of fast food restaurants. This enhances the appeal of fast food restaurants as opposed to service restaurants. This type of restaurant offers a quick service which is very convenient for their busy lives. Juvenile diabetes is on the rise (Schlosser, 170). The second cause of such excessive popularity is that all fast food restaurants ranging from big chain restaurants up to small caf├ęs try to offer dishes traditional for a certain country. Another point is that fast food cafes are considered cheaper than usual ones, though it is rarely true. Their effect on the health of the American population is worrying with the increased trends in lifestyle diseases. Policies have had to be formulated to ensure that the healthcare offered has remained relevant to the needs of the society.