bressay lullaby sheet music

point, such as social comment songs which were never intended to be lullabies. Baloo, balilli, baloo balilli, baloo, balilli, balooli. I have not made any attempt to provide an exhaustive anthology or even a particularly representative collection. . It might seem like an odd juxtaposition of pagan and a good essay intro Christian belief, but devout Christianity was not barrier to fear of fairies, who were thought to live alongside people and could be kept at bay with (relatively) modern innovations, such as iron or the Christian. The Shetland Folk Book, vol.1. Baloo balilly, baloo balilly, baloo balilli, baloo ba, dey'll sheen ower da cradle. Dan come da bonnie angels (x3). Other songs were not included on the CD for differing reasons; for example the Bressay Lullaby appears on Lynn Morrison's Cave of Gold album, Griogal Cridhe is a little too dark in its content, and.

Ta wir peerie bairn. Verse2: Dan come da bonnie angels (x3). Kist o dreams - The Songs. Ower: over, peerie : little, sheen : shine, ta: to, this appears in the wee red book, the 101 Scottish Songs of 1962, edited by Norman Buchan, who"s his source. Gae awa peerie fairies, fae oor bairn noo. Dream Angus, fairy Lullaby, da Fetlar Lullaby, gille Beag. Stick with whatever version suits you personally. Refrain: Baloo, balilli, baloo balilli, baloo, balilli, balooli.

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