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the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs). Don't forget to write down the answer! This something should not be shallow and non-specific. You should also read through its catalogs.

What should you keep in mind when you're looking for the gem that will become your topic? Dont wax poetic about the schools pretty campus. Highlighting Previous Achievements, highlighting your previous achievements, particularly those relevant to the scholarship you want, is key for a winning essay. Although online education may not seem to be substantial enough compared to the traditional one, it possesses a number of solid advantages you should consider. All papers, including scholarship essays, need a thesis statement outlining your main argument. Financial aid offices sometimes ask students to focus on their biggest achievements, their biggest struggles, their goals for the future, their most cherished values or the ways in which they can benefit an academic program. Education began to be seen as a right, and even some kind of civic duty.

I can pursue my dream of being a successful entrepreneur by joining the Tufts Entrepreneurs Society, pursuing an Entrepreneurial Leadership minor, and taking part in an up-and-coming computer science program. Are there any programs, classes, departments, and/or activities that seem tailor-made for you in some way? If you visit a class, note which class it is and who teaches. Virtual Campus Visits If you cant get to the campus of your target school in real life, the next best thing is an online tour, either from the schools own website or from other websites, such as YOUniversityTV, CampusTours, or (search "School Name tour. As always, take notes! Of course prestige matters, but schools that are ranked right next to each other on the list are at about the same level of prestige. What exactly is the "why us" essay trying to understand about you?

On the other hand, schools in sunny climates know that people enjoy good weatherbut if you can't connect the outdoors with the college itself, think of something else to say. How would that curriculum support your interests?" Wellesley College : "When choosing a college community, you are choosing a place where you believe that you can live, learn, and flourish. It is important for students to go to school to get an education. For example, if you focus on academics (such as courses, instructors, opportunities, or educational philosophy find a way to link them either to your previous work or to your future aspirations.