the essayism of everything went wrong

best friend floated past my mind. She looked absolutely stunning. I concluded as there were no students at the bus-stop. Why was he even calling me? Who cares if Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are dating, honestly? "I mean, she's really everything you want in a girl. I laughed as I clumsily tumbled to the floor, my vision still whirling. I felt silly- I was a mature fifteen year old, clasping my hands together and wishing on a shooting star, something straight from my past.

Where do I begin? I woke up early feeling refreshed. I had completed my morning workout and routine. I thought this would be the best day ever, but at a blink of an eye everything started changing for the worst. Even though we have.

I looked up at him in exasperation. The bus had gone a few seconds before. "Wait, Ferb, please." But he didn't look back. After about forty five minutes of Isabella getting frustrated with me, me objecting, me finally giving in, she smiled and rubbed her hands together. "It's eternal, you know. "I really don't know anymore. Unfortunately, the first song that came up was 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga. I was so in love with her from the moment I first saw her. "Hullo?" I asked into the receiver.