how to write a successful humboldt proposal

will be applying for post-doc positions before I know if the project gets funded. Dont underestimate the unimportant parts, some applications have non-scientific parts that need to be filled such as Impact on Society or Outreach Activities. This is particularly helpful because you can see how they managed to fulfill the specific requirements of that fellowship. These organisations are usually well funded and well structured, so you get a lot of additional benefits, such as language courses, site seeing trips and events with dignitaries. After you wrote an initial draft of your proposal, do this: Get help Get all the help you can. So what should I do now?

Rule 1: You need to have a good scientific idea or problem

how to write a successful humboldt proposal

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I started work again, sooner than expected, with my first international conference talk at Latsis, a poster presentation at gewex, thesis corrections, proofs for my first paper and drafting the second paper. To be found on their homepage. Who will benefit from your research and how? Even if you hand in the best proposal in the history of how to write an introduction paragraph for essay science, they will turn it down if you plan to do your project in a bad lab. Here comes the plan: Plan ahead, dont underestimate the time and effort it takes to find the fellowships you are eligible to apply for! There are usually annually recurring fellowships in most countries; in the.K in particular we have 5-year Independent Research Fellowships with nerc or 3-year bbsrc Future Leader Fellowships. The particulars of the fellowship may differ from country to country, but for UK applicants the award is for 1 year at 5,000 a month. You will make contacts with tons of people in dozens of countries? If you are interested in conducting research in the United States, the Fullbright Scholar Program offers fellowships for early career researchers.

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