decisions in paradise part 1 essay

helping with. The people of Kava are very diverse. It was one thing to read about problems on paper. When I picked up the phone to order room service, a young 12 year old boy greeted me at the door with my food. There are many problems in Kava, but no real organization as to how to go about fixing these problems. Pier One Imports specializes in imported goods which bring revenue to the communities that provide those goods.

Pier One Imports is a company that could significantly help this island. Although my time in Kava was short, only two weeks, the powerful report I would take back to our stakeholders would determine the viability of opening manufacturing facilities there.

Choosing this style and model would mean that Alex and Nik would prepare the analysis and recommendations and present. After stepping off the plane and making it to my hotel the first day, I soon realized that my dream job would be one of the most challenging that I had ever faced. Within two weeks, I arrived in Kava. The island of Kava has many natural resources that could help the island thrive; however there are also many things that could present a problem to the success of Kava. This will take a lot of time and a lot of money. The evaluation of the stakeholders and the ethical implications of the solution will also need to be evaluated to ensure a proper solution has taken place. Kava is mostly noted for their limited workforce supply and they are heavily dependent on their revenue stream through exporting goods. The stakeholders must understand that the benefit to the community and doing the right thing might outweigh the cost. Pier One Imports also plans to use its partnership with unicef to provide clean water and vaccines to the people of Kava. Pier One Imports has played an important role in the economic progress of villages, tribes, and islands all over the world. Target, as a company, is dedicated to helping the community and would help Kava try to recover from all the disasters my favorite colour green essay they have gone through.

We would need to provide a common environment for our youthful labor force to collaborate in a manner that be productive, and regulate that labor force to maintain compliance with local laws. Id settled in my hotel on the first day. I received a great deal of help in putting the trip to Kava together, but no one knew exactly what I would be doing there.

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