pet adoption essays

shelters, and increase the number who leave alive. "Humane Education Network: A Voice for Animals." Home Page. The facility also provides nine private rooms for individuals and the animals to interact and become familiar with each other, before the adoption process (Nebraska Humane Society, 2014). Length: 1817 words (5.2 double-spaced pages absenteeism thesis chapter 2 rating: Powerful Essays, essay Preview. Both the dogs awaiting adoption and the stray dogs are kept in individual 14 foot kennel runs, double kennels are provided for situations such as litters.

Dog breeding takes a lot of time and effort, and when a person or companys goal is profit (which is the case with pet stores) they need to keep costs low and profits high, just like any other business. Cat adoption, whether youre looking for rescued kittens or full-grown cats, also means matching up your lifestyle with the individual cat. Because of these reasons, right now there are hundreds of great pets at shelters and with rescue groups waiting for someone to choose them. At Best Friends we recommend that people choose adoption from a shelter or rescue group rather than buying from a breeder. Number one factor is a place from which you are to adopt your future pet. The fact he was a afraid of my boyfriend made us believe that his old owner was a male. It is almost literally raining cats and dogs. The animals are kept in small cages 24/7 with little human interaction and no love. A large number usually turn out to be the result of deliberate and irresponsible home breeding. Relevant links to other on-line educational sites. When people choose to buy a pet instead of adopt, they are part of the problem.

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