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of illusion that distract and deceive the senses. If it exists where is it now? Service to the rest of the creatures (bhuta yajna). Whatever he earns, he has to offer it as food to God, the ultimate recipient of all sacrificial offerings. Everyone is an aspect of God. Our world is not much different in in its essential aspect from the virtual reality we experience in the internet space. All the beings in the universe originate from this two fold Prakriti (5.6 the Adhibhuta aspect of God (8.4). If liberation is the aim, then these five duties become important. Something similar to that happens to many at the time of their spiritual awakening. Then you will not enter the sunless worlds of darkness (asurya nam te loka). Your body is a mere clothing.

Wealth is therefore an opportunity for those who want to serve and a trap for those who want to use it for their own happiness and enjoyment. He is like the Householder of the universe, with all the wealth of the universe at his disposal (feet). From that limited perspective we experience duality and plurality. He arrived at this conclusion based on a verse in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, which states one is able to smell odors through the Apana breath.

http hinduism essays the-true-meaning-of-prakriti.asp

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We have a right to earn wealth but not to its fruits. It is then we become aware of the play of maya, the apparent illusion caused by the movement and appearance of forms and things. Most people in the world practice some religion their whole lives, but the religion rarely lives in them. Its opposite is vikriti, which means, that which is deformed or altered common app schools without supplement essay 2016 from its natural state. Maya disappears only when our minds and senses are fully stabilized and we are able to experience things without the division of the seer and the seen.

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