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the 1980s when it was discovered that mixing cocaine with simple household chemicals, including baking soda and water, and then drying it resulted in a lump of smokable cocaine which is now none. Most often heart attacks and strokes occur, convulsions are produced at the least. It was claimed to be a brain tunic, and a cure for nervous affliction and in the 19th century was available over the counter and in Coca-Cola. The lifestyle of addicts becomes as corrupt as the organizations that produce and supply the product. Research shows that many addicts use the drug to escape their reality of living in these types of areas. The US Government has estimated that cocaine trafficking takes nearly 80 billion a year out of our economy. Cocaine is also known as coke, blow, snow, flake, and a yay-yo. Whether through the nose capillaries, or an injection, once the cocaine is in the bloodstream, it will travel to the brain. When people mix cocaine and alcohol consumption, they are compounding the danger each drug poses and unknowingly forming a complex chemical experiment within their bodies. George Jungs, the Medillin Cartels American contact, testimony against Lehder assured his conviction. It can be made using baking soda or sodium hydroxide.

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It was established in 1978 and lead by Carlos Lehder. Cocaine abuse has risen 1, and continues to rise (World Book Enc.). According to Websters dictionary it is a potent form of cocaine that is obtained by treating the hydrochloride of cocaine with sodium bicarbonate to create small chips used illicitly usually for smoking. Euphoria is gradually displaced by restlessness, extreme excitability, insomnia, and paranoia - and eventually hallucinations and delusions. The heart will become exhausted by the abnormal overuse. Well written Essay on Cocaines effect on the brainIt is used in offices, parties, on street corners, in homes, and even in schools. Medical USE: Cocaines medical usefulness was not fully recognized until Carl Koller used it to anesthetize the cornea of the eye. It used violence and intimidation to stay one step ahead of the justice system.

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