heidegger and aquinas an essay on overcoming metaphysics

of their intellect, are capable of attaining this vision, for the experience of God is the natural and supernatural end of intellectus itself. The fact that he dares to show Heidegger's connection to Aquinas no essay scholarships for high school seniors 2011 is a telling comment on the relevance of Aquinas and, I hope, an eye-opener for those in the ivory tower who without too closely reading Heidegger tend to fetish-ize his work. Gregory of Nyssa and the later theologians of the Alexandrian and Augustinian schools. One can see that Heideggers way is similar to the mystical view expounded by Eckhart. What interests me is the. Caputo 23 does not deny the presence of mystical elements in Heideggers thought. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: book reviews 477 incomprehensibility (p. He holds a Licentiate in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the Pontificio Istituto di Studi Arabi e dIslamistica (pisai) in Rome, Italy. 6 "Everything which I have written seems like straw to me compared to what I have seen and what has been revealed.", 253-254., 265.

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Caputo shows that Aquinas can escape the charge of Heidegger by appealing to the mystical experience. It is this mysticism that is the way out for Thomas Aquinas from the Heideggerian charge of Seinsvergessenheit. This fundamental tenet of Eckharts mysticism is strikingly affirmative: in the terminology of the ancient Church, kataphatic. The way to Being is through an abyss or nothingness. Godhead is the God of mysticism, for the true God cannot be comprehended by any conceptualizations. Even more valuable than this critique of his predecessors is Caputo's nuanced account of the stages of Heidegger's dialogue with scholasticism, 478 book reviews from his early efforts " to bring the results of medieval logic to bear on the problems of contemporary German logic. New York: Sheed Ward, 1935. It is interesting to note that a way out of metaphysics is mystical experience. Fathers of the English Dominican Province.

The purpose of the present study is to undertake a confrontation of the thought of Martin. Heidegger and of Thomas, aquinas on the question of Being and the problem of metaphysics. Heidegger and Thomas, aquinas on the question of Being and the problem of metaphysics. Now, a confrontation which does no more than draw up a catalogue of common traits and points of difference is no more than a curiosity, an idle comparison which bears no fruit.