wage gap sociology essay

in all spheres of life. A lot has been done to relive the wage gap in the past fifty years, but it still is not enough. These three personality traits that affect a persons earning and wages could be linked to the gender wage gap as women who are emotionally unstable and more sociable would be less career focused and motivated compared to men in their workplace. The difference may be measured on hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly earning. She is from Manchester and was educated at Wadham College, Oxford. The emotional incoherence between boys and school has led to a repetitive misunderstanding of boys that leads them to a self-defeating performance in the classroom. It is also evident that those who are more intellectual receive higer wages, with men tending to be more intellectual than women (de Jong and Need 2008). Context, the achievement gap has often been used to refer to the worrying performance disparities between Latinos and African-Americans on one hand and their non-Hispanic white counterparts on the other. Jefferson, T Preston, A 2007, Trends in Australias Gender-wage ratio, Labour and Industry, vol. Interesting findings from a study conducted by Hogue, Singleton and Yoder (2007) identified that women are found to hold beliefs about themselves that include having a lower self worth and a depressed entitlement.

wage gap sociology essay

In the context of economic inequality, gender gap generally refers to the differences in the wages of men and women.
This can be calculated as a ratio of female.
The gender wage gap came into existence over the history of humankind.
It can be said that there is a section of the society that believes in maintaining the subordination of women in the workplace.
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wage gap sociology essay

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In summary, there are many explanations for the current gender wage gap in Australia. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO progress in reducing the gender pay gap is very slow in Europe and Central Asia. March 14, 2008 Volume 18, Issue 11 By Thomas. Since National Service is unavoidable, it is deemed as a result that women may be left with little power in the public and private sectors in terms of representation. 105-118, viewed 27th April 2012, Taylor Francis Online Library, DOI.1080/00036846.2010.500272. They can get a non-traditional. Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard.

Continue Reading, closing the Gender Gap in Agriculture 1393 Words 6 Pages, closing the gender gap in agriculture is a critical component of improving lives and reducing hunger in developing countries. However, this is only relevant in the occupations of professionals, services/sales and cleaners/labourers. De Jong and Need (2008) also found within their study that people who class themselves as sociable expect to earn less than those that are more career orientated.

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