mr and mrs weston marriage in emma essays

MR knightley The Eltons are unpardonable. MR elton. MR elton And. I have consented to marry Robert Martin! Mother was asking about Jane Fairfax, asking if there was any news from her, even though she knew it was not Jane's day for writing. Harriet Goodbye, Mr Elton emma (thinking) Hello, Mr Churchill. Harriet I would not blame him. This is Miss Woodhouse.

I rave about her! You are dear Mrs Weston now! Frank Churchill, that's who, Mr Frank Churchill! Emma I'm afraid you overrate Hartfield. MR weston Must be from Colonel Campbell!

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Scene 3-party AT hartfield emma Mr Elton! MR elton How could I not be concerned? Emma Harriet, I can only venture to declare that Mr Knightley is the last man on earth who would intentionally give any woman the idea of feeling more for her than he really does. Emma Well, dear, I imagined him a degree nearer gentility. Which is more usual in a woman, but a good sign in a man, I think. She suddenly realizes that what she had taken for gallantries to Harriet had been meant for herself. I was certain you were developing feelings for someone. He was on the verge of telling me when his father burst.

Emma I cannot pretend I do not understand what you mean by that. The world is not necessary to me because I am blessed with so many resources in here! Let me get you some cake! Now I see you've been hard at work.