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may consider and respond to possible counter-arguments. This fact alone should help you 2004 ap english literature and composition essays determine if you are presenting a claim. When you summarize, you should not put"tion marks around your own words. This point was reinforced by the explicit mention of argument in the last sentence. The claims below convey interpretations of Henry David Thoreau's essay "Where I Lived, and What I Lived For a selection from Thoreau's, walden. Simple sentences rarely comprehend enough complexity to do justice to a well-conceived opinion. (And a defense attorney's failure to offer strong warrants may result in a warrant for the defendant's arrest.) A philosopher would say that the warrant helps to answer the question, "What else must be true for this proposition to hold?". A good claim is engaging. . You should not put"tion marks around words you paraphrase, but you should make sure that you are conveying the same meaning that the writer conveys and that you really are using your own words to convey the idea.

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From Debatepedia, jump to: navigation, search, the, toulmin Model is a way of analysing an argument. According to the Toulmin Model, the parts of an argument are the claim, data, warrant, backing, qualifier, rebuttal, and reservation. General Form, the Toulmin model has been deemed effective because unlike the syllogism, which is true in every case, the Toulmin model takes context into account and not all conditions of the argument need to be true to make it viable. Trying to analyze Sontags rhetorical strategies or her style instead of arguing a point. Data can include: Facts or statistics: objectively determined data about your topic. You would not want to bring such a long"tion into your essay, nor would you probably want to devote a large section of your essay to paraphrasing everything that the writer says. To me, Thoreau seems disturbed by the emphasis on technological "improvements" in his day, such as the telegraph and railroad, but does he really believe that technology is the " primary cause of distress"? To some extent, the amount of evidence you need depends on the claim you are trying to support.

With the warrant, I try to bring together the claim and evidence, demonstrating to readers how and why the evidence logically supports the claim. Of course, you need to make sure that your summary is accurate, that it really does convey concisely the points that the writer develops. Most likely, I will repeat this same pattern with a different claim, but one related to my first claim.

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