fairness cream essay

must say it works, atleast on my complexion it did show some positive results. Should You Consider Lightening Your Skin? The market for beauty products is vast but the market for fairness creams I think occupies 90 of the space. I conclude with thoughts on how to reconcile this divergence between private profits and public welfare. The advertisement does not mention which studies were conducted, where and on whom.13 Skin lightening beauty treatments Skin lightening treatments are offered in many beauty saloons. Our skin is a really sensitive organ that needs to be kept nurtured and smooth. (check not opening) Shankar PR, Giri BR, Subish. 104 Journal of Pakistan Association of Dermatologists 2007; 17: 100-104.

For example, one of the commonly used fairness creams cost 45 Nepalese rupees (1US72.5 Nepalese rupees) for 45 grams. There are several homemade skin whitening products that can help you be more fair. Controlled studies on the efficacy and safety of fairness creams are lacking. These treatments rely on bleaching to give the skin a lighter appearance. A study states that there is marketing of a hybrid creature, a dream-doll with Asian features and Caucasian skin.2 4 pages, 1607 words, the Essay on How to look after childrens hair, skin and teeth. It will protect your hard sunlight. But "dark"and "fair" are relative terms.

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