online learning vs face to face learning essay

costs may apply if you need to purchase hardware and software for your course Short courses are more accessible and can also be more affordable than completing a full study programme you may not need to do Most of the time study material. Another example would be a program that offers some courses on campus and others online. By interacting with your professor, this prepares a student how to effectively talk, respond, and work for a superior. Is online learning really effective? Work Cited, bowen, William.,. Some curricula do not lend themselves well to and elearning environment, especially those in which physical activities must be completed to demonstrate mastery.

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This allows students to receive some of the positives from face-to-face social learning while still allowing for scheduling flexibility. But, are you really? Why should learning still remain strictly traditional while everything else seems to be going on a different direction? Here are the major pros: If a work force is in several different geographical locations, e-learning makes much more sense than to go the cost of sending a trainer to several physical locations. The advertisements make it sound easy and convenient to get a two-year, or even a four-year degree, for little of nothing, in a short amount of time, and big-time businesses will be begging you to work for them. They must talk about what they are learning, write reflectively about it, relate it to past experiences, and apply it to their daily lives. With flexibility of time, learners can become a bit lazy and procrastinate completion. Have you ever seen an advertisement on television that promotes acquiring a degree online? Traditional education: Generally speaking, this is the best option for students who have a little more freedom in their schedules.