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the Wayback Machine (archived ) This body assesses the vulnerability of socio-economic and natural systems to climate change, negative and positive consequences of climate change, and options for adapting. The threats are serious and action is urgently needed to mitigate the risks of climate change. This article is primarily about effects during the 21st century. Effects on agriculture can be positive or negative but overall outcomes of agricultural activity become less predictable. Equally, it seems likely that as warming continues some areas may experience less precipitation leading to drought.

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Imagine that the BBC, in the interests of debate, wheeled out one of the tiny number of scientists who says that smoking and cancer arent linked, or that giving up isnt worth the trouble, every time the issue of cancer was raised. 79 Pretending global warming is not happening will not make it go away. 18 The current trajectory of global greenhouse gas emissions is not consistent with limiting global warming to below.5 or 2 C, relative to pre-industrial levels. This estimate was made with high confidence. While on-going national and international actions to curtail and reduce greenhouse gas emissions are essential, the levels of greenhouse gases currently in the atmosphere, and their impact, are likely to persist for several decades. The observed warming will be irreversible for many years into the future, and even larger temperature increases will occur as greenhouse gases continue to accumulate in the atmosphere. 140 Military planners are concerned that global warming is a "threat multiplier". American Medical Association pearson essay scorer demo "Our AMA. 84 Global warming is projected to have a number of effects on the oceans.