public opinion thesis

group. Those questions which cannot be asked in the interview can be asked through questionnaires. TV is more effective than Radio in forming public opinion as it is an audiovisual aid, while radio has only auditory stimulation, TV has the extra advantage of visual stimulation. A revolution is taking place, infinitely more significant than any shifting of economic power. Western countries, Doordarshan in India, BBC and other private TV companies use this technique today as it is a simple and easy procedure of opinion poll and data can be collected from a large number of people within a very short span of time. Though radio and TV are costly and are not easily affordable, however they play effective role in the formation and change of public opinion because of greater motivation and audiovisual effects.

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They try to get the support from the rest of the people who initially do not show any interest on the issue. Public opinion research shows that more of these methods are perfect on themselves. On the second stage, an identified problem is discussed in great detail for bringing some solution. Thus, a public opinion to abolish zamindari system started in the form of a revolution. (i) Socio-cultural Conditioning : In the formation of public opinion socio-cultural conditioning plays a role when people without finding any reason, accept a particular opinion or issue because of the social norms and values.