crisis communication research paper

harm done to an organization in a crisis scenario (Semple, 2009). The growing influence of social media and the consequent involvement of people and organisationsmake it a valuable tool in communicating. Computer mediated communication (CMC) is the conversations facilitated through technology-based social media platforms (Palen, Vieweg, Liu, Hughes, 2009). Social Media, social media is user-generated content distributed through the Internet with the intent to be shared and facilitate conversation between users (Wright Hinson, 2009). Social media has an ever increasing accessibility that has allowed it to gain a pivotal role in many people's lives and serves a number of functions. A lot of these internet users are in one way or the other involved in social media. For example, 2C Consulting, Crisis and Continuity Consulting Services (m offers a vast array of services to their clients which include: Risk Assessment, Crisis Management Plan Development, Crisis Communication Management and Planning, Personnel Awareness Training and Development, as well as).

Crisis communication research paper
crisis communication research paper

Crisis, communication, research, paper
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Communication, crisis, research, paper

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This article adopts a pragmatic-communicative approach, derived from Gregory Bateson's cybernetic theory, to the Greek Referendum Vote of 2015. Granted, many of these are just references to firms or web pages listing firms of this nature, it is still a very overwhelming number. The same held true with the phrase "Business Crisis Consulting Firms" with results of over 253,000 results. Crisis management is the larger umbrella that covers crisis communication (Coombs, 2010). Experiments as well as observational analyses have also become more prevalent in the study of crisis communication (Coombs, 2010).

Crisis, communications, research, paper

crisis communication research paper

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