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will feel extremely helpless and lost yourself and it was rescheduled travel plan. Nguyen Thi Hoa. Learning English to expand relationships people. Knowing English provides a competitive edge in career choices in todays and tomorrows world. Tran Thi Thuy Hang. Learning another language opens up new opportunities and gives you perspectives that you might never have encountered otherwise. Learner can extend knowledge about many in text essay citation apa no date cultural in the world, get more relationships and good job.

And you can use native language to talk about secret communications. This means that children are able to soak up new tasks more easily than adults. All great work of literature and artistry in the world are written by many others language. If you want to joy in a social oganization like non-governmental oganization or charity oganization. . English is not only the main language of business, but also the main language of social interaction. Research has shown economic women essays on desire and dispossession that children who have studied English in elementary school achieve higher scores on standardized tests in reading, language arts, and mathematics than those who have not (Masciantonio, Rafferty). Wall Street Journal, July. Tran Thi Hoai Thu. Knowing English is the most important step towards becoming a global citizen a person that can live anywhere, thrive anywhere, and speak to anyone. By : group.

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