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and street philosophers, who once filled the pavements of Whitechapel, Mare Street and. The money-scraping lives of Vic and Evelyn ring true. Hackney district of London. On 13th October 1940, a parachute-mine landed on the tenement buildings in Coronation Avenue, no more than one-hundred-and-fifty yards from Foulden Road, killing over a hundred people, many of them Jewish, in one of the worst civilian incidents of the war, and this an essay of macbeth's downfall terrible event. Alexander Baron was born in 1917 to Jewish parents who had separately grown up in Bethnal Green and Spitalfields prior to marriage and setting up home in Hackney. By that time Baron had established himself as a writer of original screenplays, with the East End anarchist drama, The Siege Of Sidney Street, and the Australian western, Robbery Under Arms. Strip Jack Naked (1966 sequel to The Lowlife. Or I would have arranged for some nurses to live. First published in 1963 it is a mordantly picaresque novel of contemporary local life and colour, yet a carefully interwoven back-story hints at Barons need to address the fate of the Jews in the Holocaust, only then being fully realised for the enormity it was. . With Hope, Farewell (1952) is replete with Jewish themes and anxieties, though. It is ferocious in its portrayal of public sexual humiliation. .

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Ive sometimes said to my wife, If I ever became a really successful writer, Id buy that house in Foulden Road, my mum and dads house. While he continued to write novels, in the 1950s Baron wrote screenplays for Hollywood, and by the 1960s he had become a regular writer on BBC's Play for Today. All three books sold well. The company closed the building in 1981, since when it has functioned as a storage depot, with a Turkish community centre occupying the front part of the building. Unusually for a classic London novel there are no pub scenes. It is wonderful that a number of his best novels have now been re-issued. A lexander Baron, who has died aged 82, was the greatest British novelist of the last war and among the finest, most underrated, of the postwar period. In the period of which Baron was writing, even bohemian or quasi-criminal Jewish life found its social milieu in the gambling joint, the dog track, the restaurant, the dance-hall or the night club rather than the public house.

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