addiction towards gaming essay

the underlying disorder can be helpful. An older 2003 study of college students by The Pew Internet and American Life Project confirmed this crowding out effect, with nearly half (48 percent) of college student gamers reporting that gaming keeps them from studying. . If youre a persuasive essay thinking map gamer, most of your friends may also be gamers, meaning that you would not have anyone to hang out with if you stopped playing completely. Given that college students are at the epicenter of Americas computer addiction epidemic, Im shocked at how few colleges and universities are addressing this problem aggressively, says Hilarie Cash, executive director. Definition of terms, computer -is a programmable machine designed to automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations. Rather than watching violence, as he might do on television, hes committing the violent acts. Merely in 2001, people in the US spent roughly.8 billions dollars on video game and this number increasingly enlarges in time. Habits, computer games addiction describes an ingrained set of habits rather than a true addiction.

addiction towards gaming essay

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Background OF THE study.
Computer Gaming Addiction is a modern problem in maritime high school students nowadays.

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Listing out the affects and consequences of video game addiction seems endless; however, there are solutions to resolve. Putting the Real World Aside, computer games addiction has no physical component or objective diagnosis, but many of the consequences are similar to alcoholism or drug addiction. Maritime, relating to the sea, shipping, sailing in ships or living and working at sea. Video game addiction has always been the main topic of controversies recently due to its impact on the young generation. Parents need to take control of the situation by monitoring the current amount of time the child is playing games, and reducing the time through close supervision and scheduled time for playing. Nowadays video game addiction has become one of the most popular problems especially among small children and teenagers. My son thought he was essay 2 convincing the only student with this problem.

FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Computer Gaming Addiction specifically for you. These online relationships online can eventually crowd out more intimate, real-life ones. In addition to these reported problems, Markle points to other indicators of potential gaming addiction problems with college students, such as frequent absences from classes, roommate complaints, social isolation, and calls or e-mails from concerned parents. Video games allow people to have positive experiences of using computers that can provide transferable skills for using computers for a variety of purposes.

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