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a grizzly bear, and the fangs of a wolf around her neck. Web content, Blogs, SEO articles, queries and Letters, childrens Books. That is until more humans migrated to our land, bringing with them technology and industrialization. Book Appraisal sevice will advise you on the publication readiness of your manuscript and provide an action plan detailing how to maximize your books potential. All mice that came across the village began to change; their minds cleared and grew self-aware. Contact Us, use the form on the right to contact. If we co-write, we collaborate on the manuscript or project and content is mutually credited and owned. In my book, oregonia: and the Legend of the Myce, five young heroes of incredibly small stature rise up against an ancient darkness and go on an adventure of epic scale in the whimsical realm of Oregonia in order to save their species, a magical. Editing rates by specialty. And since editing resume writing services careerbuilder is often the largest publishing cost (often over 1000, whereas cover design, formatting and everything else together can be had for much less) editing is the biggest decision and largest investment you will make self-publishing your book. Other Services, consulting and Coaching, i also offer tailored coaching and consulting services to individuals or small groups.

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Rates: 300 Picture Book/Early Reader (up to 1,500 words) 400 Early Chapter Book (up to 5,000 words) 650 Chapter Book (up to 10,000 words) 1,150 Middle Grade Novel (up to 50,000 words) 1,450 Young Adult Novel (up to 80,000 words). It was the humans own reckless ways that were their downfall, and now they are gone, and the mygic with them. The magical energy the shaman had been storing for decades would emerge from her in the most spectacular way, taking the form of a natural, spiritual energy we call Mygic/mjik/. Other Ghostwriting such as Creative Fiction or Non-fiction for online or personal use. Ads: Looking for a, book Editor? The 13 custom law essays uk review mice made it through the night but not their friend who sheltered them. On her deathbed, our ancestors by her side, she channeled her spiritual energy into a magical force that was divided between 13 separate currents that flowed through them like raging rivers. Email me for a personal".