slideroom essay number of word

that discusses your educational goals and career plans as a professional in art/design. This link works for all freshman and transfer students. Any drawing media is okay. (keep them short, or show short example clips) it is best to use a Mac formatted DVD, Quicktime file.mp4 file. If you have not yet applied to scad and would like your work reviewed for scholarships, transfer credits, exemption of credit or graduate admission consideration, begin the admission process by applying at scad.

2D work (drawings, prints, etc.) may be matted/mounted for uniform display but this isn't required. Scad accepts portfolios submitted through SlideRoom, an online file management system, for review. All work must be original in fabrication and concept. If you are showing animations, videos, etc. You are encouraged to also bring a sketchbook. December 2, 2018, march 3, 2019, april 7, 2019. Your ability to critique, analyze, and explain your work and your ideas through effective communication skills is also important. The link and instructions for slideroom review: m, a well-organized presentation is important!

Slideroom essay number of word
slideroom essay number of word

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You will be contacted via email to reserve a time slot. Please include your name and address on your essay. Big works, or fragile works are better and more safely shown through photographs (these can be printed or viewable on screen). How To Present Your Work (In-Person or Slideroom In-person Interviews (recommended You will meet with the place you would like to visit essay Department of Art faculty to talk about your work. We expect that applicants will follow the word limits provided on the application. Do all of my examples have to be formally mounted, finished works? Or submit via slide room. However presentation is important, so your work should still be clean, neatly organized, with ragged edges trimmed. In SlideRoom, you can upload still images, Word documents and multimedia files. Slideroom Review: You may also submit your work digitally via Slideroom although we encourage in-person interviews if possible. Applicants are required to indicate their role if the submission is a result of a group project.

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slideroom essay number of word