short essay on sheep

It is a quadruped beast. Tiger generally depends on cattle, horses, sheep, etc animals for food. It has a long tail which helps him to maintain body balance while hunting the prey. Apart from wool 11th grade literature essays and meat, sheep may also yield Free sheep Essays and Papers 123HelpMeFree sheep papers, essays, and research papers.

Its scientific name. Feeding Capacity of a Tiger: There are three basic requirements of a tiger, large prey, water and den in a dense forest far away from the society. Second, to give them protection because of decreasing numbers day by day. Get help with your writing. Its brown body with black stripes makes him very beautiful. It eats about 50 to 55 pounds of flesh in a one meal during the night. The tiger is a meat eater. Generally tiger does not hunt fully adult animals such as Asian elephants or long essay acknowledgement rhinoceros but two or three reports says about the hunting of these fully grown adult animals by the tigers during 19th century. Some people kill the tiger and other wild animal for entertainment.