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courses in Greek Roman culture and civilization, including Mythology, Religion, Gender and Sexuality, Politics, etc. 3 See also Foundation degree. Education (MEd geospatial Technologies (MS the degree provides advanced training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS including the use and application of geospatial hardware, software, and data in urban and environmental planning scenarios. Business Administration (MBA business Analytics (MS the msba provides students with the knowledge, tools and skills to understand, manage and make use of Big Data and smart digital solutions. Nursing (MN social Work (MSW). The Classics program offers an undergraduate major and minor in both the.A.

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mcl thesis

BCL - Bachelor of Civil Law (Oxford) 9 19 BPhil - Bachelor of Philosophy (Oxford) 9 20 embs - European Master in Business Sciences 21 LLM - Master of Laws 8 (Master of Law at Cambridge 22 ) LLM(Res) Master of Laws (Research). Skip navigation, discovery - Top 10, by people 62 che, cm 42 chau, kw 37 lau, fcm 36 lam, th 36 leung, fcc 34 li, wk 33 lai, lwc 32 jin, d 32 li, vok 32 man, ryk. Community Planning (MA computer Science Systems (MS). To offer unique opportunities for advanced Latin education through the active, spoken use of the language and the sweep of Latin from antiquity through to the present day.

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It will also cover various assessment tools utilized in executive coaching. 36, total Credits *Consult with an admissions counselor or your student coach to determine your eligible credits, residency requirements, and to verify minimum graduation requirements for this degree. You learn critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills, and have the ability to research complex accounting-related issues. 3 Undergraduate-entry degrees edit Undergraduate-entry "Integrated master's" degrees are offered essay on concept of justice with honours, and so may add (hons) after the degree abbreviation. Some degrees may be offered as either integrated master's or postgraduate master's courses at different institutes,.g. Bachelor's degrees in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science, while undergraduate degrees, are longer courses and are considered to be master's level qualifications in the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications and second cycle qualifications under the Bologna Process. The Computer Science Systems program develops your breadth of understanding of the latest applied and theoretical concepts within computer science. Most recipients of such degrees have not engaged in a specialised study of academic philosophy - the degree is available for almost the whole range of disciplines. An Internship course must be taken with an Executive Coaching course (listed above). Examples are the BPhil (Bachelor of Philosophy MPhil (Master of Philosophy) and PhD or DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy).

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