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love but then flagged a bit, as he sometimes does, and is quickly down a break. I did not want to leave. I ignored it the way you let yourself ignore a bug that only appears intermittently. Nadal slices the ball right back three shots now all down the same line and Federer slices the ball back to the same spot yet again, this one even slower and floatier, and Nadal gets planted and hits leigh thwaites thesis a big two-hander back down the same. The actors are all thoroughly wonderful.

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With Federer, its not either/or. One of them will periodically and for no obvious reason break into Youll Be Back, a song where King George tells the colonies they will eventually return to Englands rule (Cuz when push comes to shove/I will kill your friends and family to remind you. This answer is plausible but incomplete. Its unexpected and backs Nadal up, slightly, and his response is a low hard short ball that lands just past the service lines T on Federers forehand side. July 9s mens final, though, is everyones dream.

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