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and Labrador fiddling Maritimes, Acadian or Downeast style of fiddling, which has many similarities to Cape Breton fiddling English Canadian fiddling or Anglo-Canadian fiddling Latin America edit Forr, a type of music from Brazil, including the rabeca fiddle tradition Mexican fiddling, including mariachi. 18 Welsh fiddling (Welsh Ffidil ; see Ar Log a recently revived tradition. 7 Lira spread widely westward to Europe; in the 11th and 12th centuries European writers use the terms fiddle and lira interchangeably when referring to bowed instruments. Scottish fiddling, including: Shetland fiddling, which includes trowie tunes said to come from peerie folk. The Fiddler's Fakebook, by David Brody, (1983 Oak Publications. "Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned". "Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Fiddle".

"Scottish Fiddle Music ". In Encyclopdia Britannica Online. Notable recorded examples include Iain Fraser and Christine Hanson, Amelia Kaminski and Christine Hanson's Bonnie Lasses 15, Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas ' Fire and Grace.

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Retrieved 6 February 2018. 10 A native Germanic ancestor of fiddle might even be the ancestor of the early Romance form of violin. Alison Krauss 4 ) have classical training. Citation needed Contents History edit The medieval fiddle emerged in 10th-century Europe, deriving from the Byzantine lira (Greek:, Latin: lira, English: lyre a bowed string instrument of the Byzantine Empire and ancestor of most European bowed instruments. Archived from the original. Ozarks fiddling, faster and crisper bowing than Appalachia.

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