essay on laughter the effective medicine

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We often hear the phrase Laughter is the best medicine from our parents, relatives, fitness instructors and teachers.
That is because laughter is an expression that actually has several positive effects on our mood and health.
Laughter comes to be handy especially when you are in the senior years in high school.

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At times of distress, the best way to enlighten the mood of a person would be to make him/her laugh. That week was as awful as hell. To made someone laugh of course we need some stimulus like comedy channels on TV, a full. Children laugh hundreds of times per day, but as adults we can sometimes go through an entire day without sharing a heartfelt laugh. Laughter Is A Medicine Remedy Essay 1134 words - 5 pages rman Cousin's later wrote in one of his widely published books, and i" Ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give m at least two hours of pain-free. Like all of lifes most important skills, humor can be learned and rediscovered. So why wait if you can laugh now? Laughter also enhances the teamwork and unity of a group. Along with the use of any of those treatment methods, laughter can help lighten the mood of the person experiencing depression. He says But presumably the remark that the best good is happiness is apparently something generally agreed, and we still need a clearer statement of what the best good. This though is not truly a social contract since it is not best for all members of the society.

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