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Blumenberg has rejected the idea of a historical continuity fundamental the so-called 'theorem of secularization the Modern age in his view represents an independent epoch opposed. Religion and Politics Worldwide. High living costs delay marriage and, as a consequence, seem to encourage pre-marital sex. This allowed secularizing forces to gain strength. John Sommerville (1998) outlined six uses of the term secularization in the scientific literature. 31 However, in other countries, such as Algeria, Jordan, and Palestine, support for sharia and islamist ideas seems to grow. Forced secularization is not so easily achieved, and. Even in countries in which secularization is growing, there are backlashes. The religious fertility effect operates to a greater or lesser extent in all countries, and is amplified in the West by religious immigration. A b c d "The new Arab Cosmopolitans".

Brown, The Death of Christian Britain: Understanding Secularisation, (2009) pp 170-92. Along with the early secularization of Chinese society which was equally early, the concomitant demise of feudalism and hereditary aristocracy, another remarkable development, transformed China earlier than any other country into a unitary system politically, with one single power centre. This is a personal religious decline or movement toward a secular lifestyle. In order to download and save this file.). E.g., individuals in the West are now more likely to moderate their behavior in response to more immediately applicable consequences rather than out of concern for post-mortem consequences. There can be no doubt that Confucianism has been a powerful cultural influence throughout East Asia, providing social and political values not only in China, but in Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. 14 Charles Taylor in "A Secular Age" challenges what he calls 'the subtraction thesis' that science leads to religion being subtracted from more and more areas of life. Dating the decline of the British churches and locating its cause" British journal of sociology 61#1 (2010 107-126. 21 Sociologists and historians have engaged in vigorous debates over when it started, how fast it happened, and what caused. Some theorists argue that the secularization of modern civilization partly results from our inability to adapt broad ethical and spiritual needs of mankind to the increasingly fast advance of the physical sciences.

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