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your students to read a page of this website and your mark book automatically checked that they have done this reading. The five groups are: language and literature, language acquisition (a second language individuals and societies (geography, history, psychology or anthropology sciences (biology, chemistry, physics maths and computer science (maths is mandatory, computer science elective and the arts (visual arts, theatre, music). Lesson DescriptionGuiding QuestionA 'bell activity' for the student or a question that will. And why do some schools and pupils embrace it, while others resist? While not as old an examination as A-levels, which were introduced in 1951, the IB is not a baby: it was conceived in Switzerland in 1948. He believes that parents are attracted to the comprehensiveness of the programme, even if they were educated under different systems. But it is not for everyone. Plenty of links, worksheets and interactive resources that support the new IB course. Free, options, in this activty students look at the advantages and the limitations of the three methods of estimating fish populations, echo-location, capture-mark-release-recapture and study research about the cod stocks of tha Baltic sea and two theories about algal blooms, one essayshark fraud top down theory and. More, sL Core, students learn how to draw the following molecules; glucose, ribose, saturated fatty acid and an amino acid. Lesson Description Guiding Questions The plasma membrane controls what enters.

He adds that schools which teach the IB do so because it is established around a set of principles, core values and qualities, is structured, rigorous and academic as well as being open and imaginative. Lesson DescriptionGuiding QuestionsAre living organisms more than the sum of all the chemicals which make them? Tom Conroy, Yale, some studies suggest the IB prepares pupils better for university as it teaches them to deal with quantities of research. To do the IB, or not to do the IB? The function of stomata is linked to carbon dioxide absorption and also to the problem of water loss. Neurones can propagate impulses down the axon at speeds over 300 km/h, as fast as a Bullet train. Finally, some simple questions test knowledge at the end. There are three more key components. We feel that pupils who take the full baccalaureate and score highly will be well prepared for university. A short video introduction to the roles of cells in a leaf followed by some simple note taking about leaf structure and function. The roles of some membrane proteins are clarified as well as the function of cholesterol in the cell membrane.