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technological advances, poor quality production of goods, and they were unable to keep any workers. This construction, by its scope, is without precedent in history. Even though he was known for establishing a cruel and strict policy, he quickly gained complete control of the entire country. The proposals are now pouring in from nearly every mechanized pit. In the current year the Soviet Union organizes cattle rearing ranches on a scale unprecedented in the world. Not only does the Soviet Union not experience a crisis, but on the contrary, during the last two years it has shown a tremendous upward trend of economic development. See also: Need a custom essay? The report cites a number of utterances of this kind, as well as a number of attempts at carrying out these ideas in practice (e.g., the "pick and shovel plan" that is being carried out by a number of municipalities in America). And one cannot understand anything about the future perspectives of science and technology as well as about the perspectives of their interdependance, without the study of the laws of development, of the struggle and growth of the new socialist system of social relations. This evolution of progress.S.S.R.

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Recently a new step was taken in the Soviet Union for the planning of the whole of the scientific research work of the country at large. However, both the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in space race in the 1950s. The rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United States was every intensifying which fueled the space race further. The correctness of this proposition may be demonstrated by thousands of examples from all branches of science. It seems to me, it would be quite futile here to debate the point as to which came first, the fowl or the egg, science or technology. When the mechanization of the Donetz Basin was taken up as a political task, when the carrying out of mechanization became the business of the large masses of the mine workers, the Donetz Basin saw the steady rise in the wave of technical initiative. Bonn in " Neue Rundschau February, 1931. Khrushchev eventually ordered that a wall be built between East and West Berlin and closed the border. The scientific staffs of industrial institutes (exclusive of factory laboratories, as well as of administrative and service personnel) have reached the number of 11,000.

Soviet Union is perfect for History students to use as an example. The study of the Soviet Union provides a good example for this. In general, social scientists failed to predict the fall of the Soviet system, this was a consequence of a variety of factors.