the elephant man essays

the true feelings of Merrick. Certain disabilities and anomalies cause social humiliation and constant reason for the stigmatization. The policeman speaks, This exhibit degrades everyone who my virtual world essay sees it and the poor creature itself. Doctor Treves looks beyond John's appearance to what is inside of him.

Finally out of frustration he shouts with his weak voice, "I am not an animal! The main theme of the film is outsiders, the director David Lynch has made many other films on the subject.

Treves asks him are you the proprietors uggesting that John is a commodity not a person. Moreover, he defined several groups that can be affected by the process of stigmatization. Bytes brutally beats him which further disfigures him and then calls him as a 'freak'. Show More, day essay help the Elephant Man, john Merrick, a man so pathetic and helpless because of the curse of his extremely disfigured body he carries around with him. The scene identifies how human life was held second to progress back then. Two of the most apparent themes are acceptance and compassion.