future flying cars essay

National Geographic. We do not know for sure what they are but they think that they could be UFOs. Now a lot of these inventions have helped shaped America. We will write a custom essay sample. Now everywhere we go all in one device we can have a camera, social media sites, internet, phone and weather channel. Could you imagine yourself in a electric car?

Future flying cars essay
future flying cars essay

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The most telling aspect of this novel is the characterization it provides. The fact that flying cars act as a stand-in for some distant, unattainable future isnt a mistake. Well They say that it will be the most popular car on the road. The AeroMobil.0, a two-seat aircraft that can retract its wings and transform into a long roadster, was unveiled in Vienna in 2014. The Piasecki VZ-8 Airgeep, also known as the flying Jeep, was developed for the US Army in 1957 to takeoff and land vertically. Works Cited, bosnor, Kevin. There are many inventions of the future that people either know or hope will happen and some inventions that people have never thought that would happen in this or the next lifetime. Some would say though, that the convenience would outweigh the risks because there would not be traffic jams, or detours because of road work. But it was all but a miracle that a zeppelin reached the British Island at all.

Of course reality soon set in and I realized I was one of those less fortunate commuters myself. A popular invention is hybrid cars. Basically an invention can be any tangible device or a process, which is brought out by the human imagination.

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