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deafened with so continual and uniform an approbation. I have not been so long cashiered from the state and service of this god, that my memory is not still perfect in his force and value: I recognize vestiges of my old flame; Edition: current; Page: 29 There are yet some remains of heat. Or that she sought another husband who might sharpen her appetite by his jealousy, and who by watching should incite her? Royal virtue seems most to consist in justice; and of all the parts of justice that best denotes a king which accompanies liberality, for this they have particularly reserved to be performed by themselves, whereas all other sorts of justice they remit to the administration. We cannot precisely circumscribe the actions, we interdict them; they must guess at our meaning under general and Edition: current; Page: 70 doubtful terms; the very idea we invent for their chastity is ridiculous: for, amongst the greatest patterns that I have is Fatua, the. Even the most contemplative and prudent man, when I imagine him in this posture, I hold him an impudent fellow to pretend to be prudent and contemplative; they are the peacocks feet that abate his pride: What prevents us from speaking truth with a smile? If we rightly conclude of our end, and this poet of the youthfulness of that age of his, that other world will only enter into the light when this of ours shall make its exit; the universe will fall into paralysis; one member will. And why does not some woman take a fancy to possess over her companions the glory of this chaste love? If dreams sometimes engage them so far that they cannot deny them: it is not in them, nor, peradventure, in chastity itself, seeing that is a female, to defend itself from lust and desire. We owe more love to God than to ourselves, and know Him less, and yet speak of Him as much as we will.

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Love is a sprightly, lively, and gay agitation; I was neither troubled nor afflicted with it, but heated, and moreover, disordered; a man must stop there; it hurts nobody but fools. Lucullus, Caesar, Pompey, Antony, Cato, and other brave men were cuckolds, and knew it, without making any bustle about it; there was in those days but one coxcomb, Lepidus, Edition: current; Page: 62 that died for grief that his wife had used him so: Wretched. How many times have I seen the experience of this? As to one only God, the proposition had pleased them well; but that they would not change their religion, both because they Edition: current; Page: 164 had so long and happily lived in it, and that they were not wont to take advice of any. The senses are our first and proper judges, which perceive not things but by external accidents; and tis no wonder, if in all the parts of the service of our society, there is Edition: current; Page: 205 so perpetual and universal a mixture of ceremonies. These verses are preached in the ancient school, a school that I much more adhere to than the modern: its virtues appear to me to be greater, and the vices less: Edition: current; Page: 28 They err as much who too much forbear Venus,. The dogma of Hegesias, that we are neither to hate nor accuse, but instruct, is correct elsewhere; but here tis injustice and inhumanity to relieve and set him right who stands in no need ont, and is the worse fort. We are sure to have the vices of appearance, when we shall have had those of essence: when we have done with these, we run full drive upon the others, if we find it must be so; for there is danger that we shall fancy. Being the wife of a living and healthful emperor, and at Rome, the theatre of the world, in the face of the sun, and with solemn ceremony, and to Silius, who had long before enjoyed her, she publicly marries herself one day that her husband.

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