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with Miles Davis, Rivers joined the Andrew Hill Quartet and went to California for an extended tour. Surge 5:13 The Tomato Sampler contains a 5:13 excerpt of track. Images, top to bottom: Original release LP cover Japanese release mvcz-123 (1997) Fire Into Music compilation 2-LP cover (1989) Sam Rivers (ts-1,4, ss-3, fl-2,3, p-3, Comp Cecil McBee (b Norman Connors (dr, gongs) A ; mcad-39120; AS 9266-2; ASH 9253-3; IA-9352/2; MCA2-8032; Producer Ed Michel;. Officials also said some unpermitted roof work was done recently, but it was unclear whether that played any role." "Orlando Club Cancels Concert After Damage" The Orlando Sentinel May.B3 June, 2003 / nojo Sam Rivers, Canada Tour : Paul Neufeld: "We went out. Please forgive minor messes in '87 '88. Langfr; coda #212 February 1987.7.10.26 - Sam Rivers RivBea Orchestra: unknown presonnel / 1er Festival des Musiques Mutantes, TLP-Déjazet, Paris, France ibid "The Jazz Magazine review indicates that all the concerts of the festival were recorded and were scheduled to be broadcasted. Petersburg Jazz Festival, 8:00pm, The Catherine.

Second Act of A (pt 1) 21:17. Unknown title 9:43 After-show Interview with Sam Rivers 3:28 I have this at 75:21. Sandner, Wolfgang, and Péter Eötvös. 60:16 Sam Rivers (answering the phone; talking hanging up the phone) David Mittleman (tone-dialing; talking; hanging up the phone) CD-R.10.23 - Sam Rivers Trio: Rivers (ts, ss, fl, p, voc, Comp Doug Mathews (b, el-b, bcl Anthony Cole (dr, ts, p) / Sapphire Club.

Bill Evans was one of the greatest jazz pianists of the second half of the 20th century. His playing on Miles Davis s landmark 1959 record, Kind of Blue, and as leader of the Bill Evans Trio was a major influence on players like, herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea. Bill s value can. Earl Rudolph Bud Powell (September 27, 1924 July 31, 1966) was an American jazz pianist. Though Thelonious Monk was a close friend and influence, his greatest piano influence was Art Tatum.

And Doug Matthews is a native Floridian. Riverss blustery playing with the Miles Davis Quintet, captured on the album "Miles in Tokyo suggested a provocative but imperfect fit. "Karlheinz in California." Perspectives of New Music 36,. Impromptu for You 6:30 SR announcement 1:08. I was transferred to Vallejo, California, which was my musical experience. The Minneapolis Star Sep 12, 1978.10C; news clipping stamp-dated "Feb 25" on back of promo photo.03.04 - Sam Rivers dissertation research funding Quartet: Rivers (ts, ss, fl, p, voc Joe Daley (tu/eu Dave Holland (b Bobby Battle (dr) / Grenoble Jazz Festival, Grenoble, France Festival web-site. Tkweme "Vindicating karma: jazz and the Black Arts movement" (2007).212, Doctoral Dissertation, ass. "1973, ABC/Dunhill Records BIO at m Sam Rivers: After I got out of the Service during the Forties. Piano solo 16:10 (incomplete) Announcer identifies Broadcast (on my copy) as "first reel" of this concert performance, and suggests that the second may be aired in the future. Unknown title 5:05 DG announcement 1:35. Lucio Fumo (translated by Diego Conti) Release is of after-hours jam sessions during the Pescara Jazz Festival. I tell Sam that the music here reminds me, at times, of a pipe organ or calliope.

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