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and e-mail address. Regardless, you should not go on to the next phase for instance, collecting data before making the right decisions regarding research problem, objectives, hypotheses and methods. After you've finished your initial research, you'll want to select a few possible topics. International Journal of Computers, Communications Control, 5 (4 432446. Triangulation is the use of a combination of two or more research methods in the study of the same phenomenon in order to validate data through cross verification and to enhance confidence in results. To avoid this situation, you must update your references before submitting your paper. How to write a paper for publication. You should use appropriate methods to calculate ideal sample sizes.

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3.2.3 Abstract The function of the abstract is to give a quick overview of the contents of the paper. Titles (and subtitles) should address the content of the paper and be short, simple, easy to understand and attractive to the papers audience. In point of fact, most submitted papers need substantial improvements before they can be published, and, unfortunately, many of them get rejected because they do not fulfil basic conditions for publication. Hypotheses are tested, and conclusions are drawn in order to address the research problem and objectives of the study. If this is not the case or if the editors find any other obvious reason to refuse publication, the paper is immediately rejected. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 59 (6 10641069. The research process A paper is the outcome of three different processes: research, writing and publication. Otherwise, the editors send the RV version to two reviewers who are experts in the papers topic. When applicable, it is important to enlist the help of a statistician at the outset to determine sample size, power analysis and appropriate statistical methods (Johnson, 2008). Operator, example, result, aND business AND ethics cooking AND Spain, retrieves records that contain. They dislike long, wordy papers in a poor style with conclusions not justified by data, showing an inability to follow the authors guidelines and containing careless, sloppy mistakes (Johnson, 2008).

writing a research paper strategies

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